Dear Readers of Son y Casino,

We have always said that readers are what keeps this blog going. Well, that will literally be the case now!

Starting today, new content for this blog will be published every time our Facebook page gets twenty (20) new Likes!

This blog does not charge anything to read its content—content that sometimes people would otherwise pay good money for at dance congresses or regular classes. That is not going to change. However, it does sometimes take a lot of work and time to research and produce this content. A little appreciation goes a long way.

This is my way of asking you to support the blog without contributing a cent. It’s a small thing to ask, really. And here is how it will help: when you like the page, your dance friends will see that you liked it. That means that more people will know about the blog. More people will read the blog. The content will be more widespread.

The mission of this blog has been to expose people who like Cuban dance and music to knowledge that will help them dance, teach, or understand parts of Cuban dance and music better. To that end, its goal has always been to reach the most amount of people.

If you have already liked the Facebook page, awesome, and thank you! Now, it would be great if you could now invite at least three of your friends to like the page, too.

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As always, thank you for your readership and support!

Daybert Linares Díaz

Editor, Son y Casino