Call for Collaborations


August 1st, 2014

I started this blog because I wanted to expand on the same things I had been saying on social networks for years, but always felt I always came up short with my arguments due to the constraints of the websites. A blog, on the other hand, would give me the ability to write extensively on any topic of my choosing, and because it would be a public blog, as opposed to a private profile only accessible to few people, it would reach a wider audience.

Today, the blog has surpassed twenty-seven thousand (27,000) views, and although the majority of its readership comes from the United States, many readers from all over the world also find themselves on this blog, reading the different pieces which have been written so far.

As far as the original goal of this blog is concerned, I can now say with certainty: mission accomplished.

Now, this blog is called “Son y Casino”, and its brief description states that it is “A blog for reflection on son music and the dance of casino.” That said, I would like to make these “reflections” not only mine, but yours as well.

From now on, if you have something you would like to write but that, for the purposes of expressing yourself, a Facebook post is not enough (because what you have to say is too long or you want more people to see it) please feel free to send me your piece and I will publish it on my blog, provided that it is thematically appropriate. Because Son y Casino is mostly opinion-based, opinion articles are more than welcome, though you can always write something a bit more research-oriented.

On the other hand, if you are not the writer type but have burning questions about anything concerning the dance of casino, you can also send me your questions and I will do my best to answer them in subsequent blog posts; or if it is an idea you would like to see more developed, I can also try to do that.

Please send any pieces, questions, or ideas to

Thank you for all the support and the time you all take to read what I write. I truly means a lot. I look forward to future collaborations!

Daybert Linares Díaz