Casino Dancing Videos (from Cuba)

YouTube is full of casino dancing videos taken at workshops, dance socials, demonstrations, performances, competitions–all of them outside of Cuba. There aren’t enough videos, however, of Cubans actually dancing casino in Cuba. I’m talking about videos depicting Cubans dancing casino at a house party, at concerts, at the school, on the street, on the beach. Dancing that is done not to give foreigners a “show” or to wrap up a workshop; rather, casino dancing that happens in its “element”–so to speak. Uninhibited, natural.

That will always be my point of reference when it comes to casino.

Every now and then I go on YouTube and look for these types of videos. They are hard to find. You have to be very specific with the search terminology and know what you’re looking for. But they are there. And now they are here on this page (if you find others, please send them my way so that I may add them).

I’ve divided them into couples’ and casino ruedas’ videos.

**Note: some of this videos are labeled as “salsa” or “Cuban salsa” by the uploaders, who in turn seek to gain more views/hits by using a more popular term. The dance’s name, however, is casino, as I have extensively explained in this piece.

I will keep posting them as I keep finding them. The newer ones will always be at the top of each category in their respective playlists. Enjoy!







Rueda de casino