Monthly Archive: November, 2014

What Does the Dance of Casino Look Like? Stage vs. Social Dancing

Contrary to the popular belief of many dance aficionados who just like to be entertained by the sight of dancing, what happens on a dance show like “Dancing with the Stars” is very far from what actually happens on the social dance floor. This is my attempt to de-exotizice the dance of casino and ground it a bit more in the reality of the social dancer.


This is Also Cuban Music!: Ten Songs that Will Make You Question What You Know About Cuba and Its Music

There is not a lot of writing on this one, but there is a lot of listening. The current story on Cuban music is a dichotomous one. On the one hand, there is timba; on the other, there is Buena Vista Social Club. Take a listen and be amazed by these songs which do not fall so clearly into this reductive binary. What’s more: try dancing to these songs!

To Step Forward, or to Step Back in Casino Dancing: Attempting to Shed Some Light Into this Dilemma

In my experience, anyone who ends up getting themselves a bit deeper into the dance of casino, beyond the classes which they are taught at their academies, being by going to Cuban dance… Continue reading