Monthly Archive: January, 2015

Why I Don’t Incorporate the Orishas Into my Casino Dancing

It has become the norm, lately, to start incorporating rumba and Orisha dancing into casino. In this piece I explain why I refuse to jump into this bandwagon.


Why Every Casino Dancer Should Learn to Dance Son, Too

Son dancing. Enough said.

Salsa Music: Toward a Definition (with a Little Help from Musicians)

Salsa has forever remained an elusive term, sparking countless debates over a “right” definition. Everybody has their own version of what it is, from musicologists to musicians, from music aficionados to dancers, to any person who has ever listened to the music. This post, rather than being another attempt at defining salsa, explores the many (contradicting) definitions which some of the most renowned musicians–including Juan Formell, Johnny Pacheco, Tito Puente, Papo Lucca–have given to the term.

Why the “Club Setting” Might not Be the Best Place to Practice Your Dance Moves (Especially if You’re a Beginner)

Choose carefully where you go to practice your casino dance moves, especially if you are in the beginner stages. The places where you go will either boost or crush your desire to keep learning and dancing this Cuban dance.