Monthly Archive: July, 2015

How to Find the Clave by Using the Cowbell

If you’re ever in need of knowing where the clave is, the cowbell can always help. Here is how.


The Fate of Cuban Songs at Salsa Events: “Play the (Non-Cuban) Cover, Forget the (Cuban) Original”

A list consisting of more than four hundreds Cuban songs, most of them belonging to the genre of son, and their international (non-Cuban) covers, many of which are staples at salsa congresses and socials. Next time someone asks you why they should play Cuban music, show them this list.

Musicality: Learning to Play the Clave Pattern

This post constitutes my first video blog, where I will be doing most of the explaining through a video (see below) and not in written form, as I’ve been doing so far. And… Continue reading