Monthly Archive: May, 2016

Why Is There an Argument About Stepping Back or Stepping Forward in Casino?

Back step, forward step. Why do people get so worked up about this? This post examines why some people are predominantly stepping back when they dance casino while others are arguing that the opposite—stepping forward predominantly—should be the norm. This post is not intended as a way of making a case for one way or the other, but rather it seeks to explain WHY this is even an argument that people are having.


Choosing Songs for Ruedas: Which Are “Good” and “Bad” Songs?

Is there such thing as a ¨bad” or “good” song for dancing rueda de casino? Many people seem to think so. Otherwise, you’d hear music from different countries—not just from Cuba—at Cuban dance events. The logic here being that “good” songs for doing ruedas are Cuban ones, while international songs are inherently “bad” for this. This post argues that even when a song is Cuban, it does not necessarily mean it will be good for a rueda if we are dancing it a certain way. Read more to find out why!