¿Qué tanto ayudará viajar a Cuba a mejorar tu baile de casino?

¿Qué tan benecioso puede ser viajar a Cuba para una persona que busca mejorar sus habilidades casineras? Todo depende de lo que esta persona elige hacer durante su viaje. Siga leyendo para averiguar cuáles son las cosas que necesita hacer para sacarle el mayor provecho a su estancia en Cuba en tanto casino.


Will Traveling to Cuba Actually Help Your Casino Dancing?

Is traveling to Cuba really that beneficial to a person who wants to improve their casino dancing skills? Well, it turns out it has everything to do with what the person does on that trip. Read further to find out what you need to do to really make the best out of your dance trip to Cuba.

Are Artists Destroying Casino as a Social Dance?

Many professional dancers have turned into teachers of casino outside of Cuba. In doing so, they bring their artistic background and practices to a social dance that, unlike chachachá or mambo, in Cuba has very much remained with the people and not so much with artists. So what happens when art meets casino? Well, the effects could be quite disastrous for this social dance. Read more to find out why.

An Interview with Jorge Luna Roque, Director of the All Stars from Santiago de Cuba

If you’d those who would like to know more the All Stars from Santiago de Cuba, this is your chance. In this interview, Jorge Luna talks about the mission of the group, how the group itself got started, and how he sees the state of casino both inside and outside of the island.

Entrevista con Jorge Luna Roque, director de los All Stars de Santiago de Cuba

Para los que quieran conocer más de los All Stars santiagueros, cómo comenzaron, cuál es su misión y las opiniones de su director en cuanto a cómo percibe el estado del baile de casino dentro y fuera de Cuba.