On Rueda de Casino (II): How We Perceive the Rueda Outside of Cuba vs. How It Is Actually Perceived in Cuba

If you have ever been to the island, you probably noticed that rueda de casino is danced outside of Cuba very differently than it is in the island. This piece attempts to explain why.


On Rueda de Casino: When Did It Become Just “Rueda,” Anyway? 

Is rueda a dance? Many people seem to–erroneously–think so. In this piece I attempt to rectify this common misconception about rueda de casino.

Dissipating Misconceptions: Is Casino a “Style” of Salsa Dancing?

You’ve heard of Cuban salsa, salsa cubana, salsa casino, casino salsa, casino style salsa, Cuban style salsa. But is the dance of casino really a “style” of salsa dancing, or is it a marketing strategy designed to get you interested by appealing to you with terms with which you are already familiar (e.g. “salsa”)?. Read to find out.

How to Improve Your Casino Dancing Experience: Overcoming Turnpatternitis

When it comes to dancing, for most people it all seems to be about how many different turn patterns they can do and learn. Little do they know that some turn patterns really do not fit within certain sections of a song. This piece attempts to explain why this is.

The Dance of Casino: A Brief History and Definition

Just in case you’re curious about where casino comes from, and how it got started.