To Step Forward, or to Step Back in Casino Dancing: Attempting to Shed Some Light Into this Dilemma

In my experience, anyone who ends up getting themselves a bit deeper into the dance of casino, beyond the classes which they are taught at their academies, being by going to Cuban dance… Continue reading

On the Discrepancy Between DJs and Dance Workshops at Cuban Dance Events in the U.S. (and Probably in Europe)

While there is a number of workshops at Cuban dance events, spanning very diverse dance forms, the playlist of DJs for the nightly social doesn’t usually follow suit. Why is this the case? This post invites you to examine this discrepancy and think about the need for DJs to work in conjunction with instructors at dance events.

Why Casino Dancers Should Stop Trying to Make Salsa Dancers Dance Casino with Them

Ever felt frustrated because you could not make a salsa dancer quite follow or lead you when you try dancing casino with them? Well, there is a reason for that, and it is not you. (Spoiler alert: it is the dance.)

Is Salsa Really a Latin Dance?

You’d think the answer to that question would be obvious. But it’s a bit more complicated than that. Read to find out why!

On Rueda de Casino (II): How We Perceive the Rueda Outside of Cuba vs. How It Is Actually Perceived in Cuba

If you have ever been to the island, you probably noticed that rueda de casino is danced outside of Cuba very differently than it is in the island. This piece attempts to explain why.